A simple but special Redis Web Client

It was a while ago when I wrote my last blog post. So let me take the chance to write something about a very simple piece of software which started as a fun project of mine. Let's do it a bit different this time. I will show you the results first and then I will explain what's special about this application:

This looks very basic, right? What's special about it? So here is the story behind it:

It all started a few weeks ago when I decide to buy an iPad Pro (11 inches). The motivation was indeed not to use it as a development machine. My current role requires to draw some diagrams and to explain stuff a bit more vizually. So the iPad Pro seemed to be a nice device for such a purpose.
Being a techie, I wondered a bit which kind of development can be done on it and I started to install some tools for experimenting with them:
  • Working Copy: A Git client
  • Pythonista: A Python IDE
  • StaSh: A shell for Pythonista which allows you to use packages via 'pip'
  • Blink: A CLI with an SSH client
  • VNC Viewer: Access the screen of your computer (which is running a VNC server)

Especially Pythonista is a great tool. Here a screen shot of it:

It all went a bit "crazy" when I went to my barber to get my beard cut. Now my Turkish barber is a very good one which means that he is very busy (seems this is a pattern across all industries - let it be IT-specialists or barbers). So I had to wait for about 2 hours to get a shave. As I already expected some waiting time, I took my iPad Pro with me (for i.e. reading a book). Holding it in my hands, I was then thinking why not trying to drive this 'How to develop on this device?' idea forward. But which kind of application should I develop? So one of the thoughts was to be able to demonstrate Redis (https://redis.io/) itself on the iPad. Wouldn't it be cool to
  • Just connect a small device with a Pen to a big screen (i.e. projector via USB-C, screen sharing)
  • Explain some concepts by just drawing like on a whiteboard
  • Demonstrate some Redis basics by being connected to a Redis Cloud instance (You can get a 30MB database for free here: https://redislabs.com/redis-enterprise/essentials/)

Given the fact that I invested some time to write this article, my opinion is clearly: "Yes, it would be cool!". However, if you are still wondering "Why the hell should I want to develop on an iPad Pro?" then I guess the answer is: "Because you can!" ;-) So this is more a fun project, whereby it might be a good basic example for:

So have fun!

Ah before I forget it: If you are searching for a very basic Redis Web Client or if you are interested in to take a look at the source code, then the source code can be found here for now.