Saturday, 14 December 2013

New blog

This is a new blog with the subject NoSQL. The purpose of this blog is to post
  • interesting news
  • stories 
  • and last but not least technical stuff
about NoSQL stuff.

The intended audience are newbies and advanced technical oriented persons.

Why I am writing about NoSQL and Database stuff? Here some background information about me:

  • From 2006 to 2010 I worked as a (Senior) Software Engineer for the Open Source database company 'Ingres' (now Actian). There I was responsible for Partner Certfication (Integration with partner products) and for Migration Tooling.
  • Afterwards I joint the small NoSQL startup company 'sones'. The main product of 'sones' was the Graph Database System 'sones GraphDB'. There I was working as a Senior Consultant and Architect by beeing responsible for partner enablement, pre-sales and the architecuture and implementation of the persistent storage engine of the sones GraphDB 2.0 .
  • Then I was working a while for a mid-sized Consulting Company which is focused on Information Management. My primary field of work there was Enterprise Content Management.
  • My current employer is 'Couchbase', the vendor of products like 'Couchbase Server' and 'Couchbase Lite' (mobile).

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