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Kafka Connect with Couchbase

About Kafka Apache Kafka is a distributed persistent message queuing system. It is used in order to realize publish-subscribe use cases, process streams of data in real-time and store a stream of data safely in a distributed replicated cluster. That said Apache Kafka is not a database system but can stream data from a database system in near-real-time. The data is represented as a message stream with Kafka. Producers put messages in a so called message topic and Consumers take messages out of it for further processing. There is a variety of connectors available. A short introduction to Kafka can be found here: . This video explains the basic concepts and how Producers and Consumers are looking like. However, Couchbase supports 'Kafka Connect' since version 3.1 of it's connector. The Kafka documentation says "Kafka Connect is a tool for scalably and reliably streaming data between Apache Kafka and other systems. It makes i